Breed Guide

How Long Does a German Shepherd Live?

The German Shepherd, is a large breed of dog. Strong and muscular in stature, they can be very imposing, and even aggressive...
Hairless Dog Breeds

8 Hairless Dog Breeds

If you hate cleaning up pet hair or have allergies, a hairless dog may be the perfect fit for you. While rare,...

6 Dogs That Look Like Mops

Big, small, furry or smooth – we love dogs of all kinds. But there are some breeds that stand out because of...
dogs that look like wolves

9 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

It’s hard to believe that a teacup Chihuahua or a wrinkly English Bulldog would have anything in common with wolves, but our...
Dogs that look like foxes

10 Dogs That Look Like Foxes

Is that a dog or a fox? Are foxes actually dogs? There are many dogs that look like foxes! The genetics of...
Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Breed Guide

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, energetic breed loved by people all over the world. Learn more about this popular dog breed in our guide.

Beagle Breed Guide

Beagles are renowned for their sense of smell, tenacity and high levels of stamina. The Beagle was originally bred to be a scent hound...
Poodle Breed Guide

Poodle Breed Guide

The poodle breed is lively and active with a great sense of humor. Learn more about this breed to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

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