The Ultimate Guide To Dog Names

Dog Names

Congratulations on your new bundle of furry joy! Now, what are you going to call him – or her? Choosing a name for a dog can be tough. There are thousands of names to choose from, and if you’re searching for name ideas, you probably want something out of the ordinary. Fido, Rover or Jack just isn’t going to cut it.

To make your life a little easier, we’re going to share some of the best dog names out there, and give you some tips on how to name your dog.

How to Choose a Name for Your Dog

Choosing the perfect name for your dog is both an art and a science. But it’s also a personal decision, and for many people, they want to choose a name that has meaning. 

Here’s the thing: dogs actually respond better to certain sounds than others.

Dog experts agree that names with hard consonants, like “k” or “c,” make it easier for dogs to distinguish the sound of their name from other surrounding sounds.

But it’s also a good idea to avoid names that sound like commands. For example, your dog may confuse “Kit” with “sit,” or “Joe” with “no.”

Vets suggest choosing a name that’s short and sweet – two syllables at most. Willy, for instance, might be preferable to “William Wigglesworth.”

So, while it’s important to choose a name that has meaning to you, it’s also important to make sure that your dog will easily recognize his name. The simpler, the better. 

Tips and Considerations When Choosing a Name

You now know that short names work best, and that consonants will help your dog recognize his name more easily. 

But there are some other things that you should also consider.

Choose a Name That You Love

It should go without saying that you should choose a name that you love. You’re going to be saying your puppy’s name a lot, particularly during training sessions.

Make sure that you won’t get sick of hearing your pup’s name.

Should You Change an Adult Dog’s Name?

If you’re adopting a dog, you may be thinking about changing his name. But is that a good idea? The answer is still up for debate.

Traditionally, it was recommended that dog owners keep an adult dog’s name to avoid confusion. The idea is that the dog is already familiar with its name, and to change it now – when he’s an adult – will only confuse him.

But there’s a growing group of experts who say that it’s perfectly okay to change an adult dog’s name. In fact, it’s common for people to change names after adopting a dog.

If you do decide to change your rescued pup’s name, you’ll need to spend time teaching him to recognize it.

Make it Original, but Don’t Go Overboard

Unless you’re really attached to a generic dog name, like “Fluffy” or “Max,” it may be best to choose a less-common moniker for your pup.

If you choose a common name, you’ll undoubtedly run into other dogs with the same name as your pup at the dog park or the vet. Choose a name that’s less popular so that there’s less of a chance of confusion.

While it’s a good idea to choose a name that’s a little more original, you may want to avoid any names that other people would find offensive or embarrassing. This includes potential cultural or racial slurs, or general insults. 

How will you feel when the vet’s office calls your dog’s name when you’re in a waiting room full of people? If the name might embarrass you, it’s probably a good idea to scratch it off the list and choose a new one.

Consider Personality and Appearance

If you’re really stuck and completely out of ideas for names, take your dog’s personality and appearance into consideration. 

If you have a happy pup, “Joy” may be a cute name. “Tiny” may be a good fit for a dachshund with short legs. You can also go with a name that’s the complete opposite of your dog’s appearance, like “Shorty” for a Mastiff.

Celebrities, Hobbies or Memories

Many dog owners choose to name their dogs after something that has meaning to them. 

For example, if your dog’s first big outing is to the beach, “Sandy” may be a good name to remind you of that special day. If you’re a lover of music, you might name your dog “Bach” or “Mozart.”

No matter which name you choose for your dog, make sure that it’s one that you love and that your dog responds well to. 

Girl Dog Names

Girl Dog Names

Searching for the perfect name for your female dog. Here is our list of popular, unique and emerging girl dog names.


Boy Dog Names

Boy Dog Names

Looking for ideas for your male dog. Here is our list of boy dog names.

Max Henry William
Bandit Gus Jack
Scooter Kobe Champ
Ollie Diesel Loki
Brutus Shadow Hank
Benny Abbot Alfie
Bennett Blake Chewy
Chief Zeus Murphy
Maverick Clyde Cosmo
Donovan Edgar Fenton
Leo Blue Dester
Bruno Scout Cody
Gizmo Tank Cash
Benji Luke Rusty
King Romeo Samson
Rocky Otis Boomer
Duke Vader Thor
Yoda Rufus Chase

Cute Dog Names

Cute Dog Names

Is your dog just so damn cute that only a cute name will do? Here is our list of cute dog names.

Bee Bee Beau Dacious Kisses
Bella Dottie Peaches
Apricot Button Freckles
Minnie Panda Socks
Waffle Bam Bam Caramel
Flower Goldie Pancakes
Sugar Winnie Dash
Goose Moose Winston
Tinker Bell Spark Popcorn
Herbie Squirt Biscuit

Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

Looking for a dog name that will really stand out from your friends and families dogs. Here are some unique dog name ideas:

Genevieve Zee Virgil
Landon Vivi Carlton
Randall Raven Polly
Ming Emmylou Flicka
Elton Angelo Beena
Ava Lionel Farrah
Acorn Biloxi Chinook
Corks Dillinger Grimsby
Langdon Mallory Oswald
Queso Ritz Shrub
Tonks Zeek Cibola
Cirrus Denali Durango
Marzipan Nuetron Prunella

Cool Dog Names

Cool Dog Names

Is your dog a bit of a cool cat! Here are some great cool dog names. Out top choice has to be McBadass!

Fin MacCool McBadass Bond
Sir Wagsalot Dre Oakley
Rebel Hendrix Elvis
Ace Axl Blaze
Rhino Cobra Ice
Stinger Vice Alpha
Diva Madonna  

Spanish Dog Names

Spanish Dog Names

Looking for a dog name with a bit of Spanish flavor. Here is our list of Spanish dog names.

Amarillo Azul Blanco
Rojo Villa Silva
Raul Ramos Costa
Abejundio Alberto Aldonza
Alejo Alfonso Auriela
Azura Balbao Alma
Diego Domingo Fernando
Flor Lombo Luna
Nacho Paloma Nayeli
Pedro Santo Tabasco
Zoro Yolanda Sonora
Bonita Chiko Camelo
Candelas Carlos Castile
Chela Fabado Pisto
Frido Claudio Cortez
Dario Curro Enchilada
Fandango Fortuna Garcia
Garcia Gisella Humberto

Japanese Dog Names

Japanese Dog Names

There are some really great Japanese inspired dog names. Here is our list of Japanese dog names.

Aki Huru Takahiro
Haruto Katashi Naoki
Riku Hinata Sora
Akio Hitoshi Kenta
Toshio Katsu Masato
Osamu Mitsuo Mitsuru
Yoshio Kenichi Yori
Yukio Kouta Shiro
Takumi Chika Chiyo
Tomomi Hanako Emiko
Haruna Manami Madoka
Maiko Miho Sumiko
Naoko Yoshi Yukiko
Yasu Kobe Sapporo
Miya Fumio Hideki
Hibiki Isamu Jiro
Kenshin Masaaki Satoshi
Shouta Kiko Izumi

Greek Dog Names

Greek Dog Names

Looking for something strong, powerful or imposing. Maybe a Greek dog name could be just what you are looking for! Many people who have been to Greece are inspired by the stunning architecture and scenery. A Greek inspired dog name can also be a great way to show your Greek heritage.

Some of our top picks are Maximillian, Chaos, Triton and Adonis.

Here is our list.

Paxi Ace Adonia
Aesop Astra Adonis
Adrian Agatha Agnes
Alpha Anatola Ardeen
Antonia Aristotle Charissa
Benedict Callista Cyrilla
Delphi Drusilla Eudora
Felix Panthea Otis
Omega Nola Milo
Maximillian Magnus Leandra
Lambda Kappa Ignatious
Hilary Gamma Ajax
Aura Chaos Helios
Morpheous Olympia Poseidon
Skilos Santorini Titan
Venus Zeus Triton
Sparta Paros Troy
Penelope Hector Aphrodite

German Dog Names

German Dog Names

German names tend to have a strong and distinct nature. Here is our list of German dog names. Some of our favorites are Klaus, Jaeger & Sigmund.

Alder Baldwin Dieter
Dirk Franz Frederick
Gunther Hans Kaiser
Max Otto Sigmund
Waldo Ulf Roland
Bismarck Duxi Garin
Jaeger Mozart Ritter
Verner Zelig Annika
Frieda Hulda Olinda
Zelda Vera Sigrid
Leona Ada Bruno
Eldwin Helmut Klaus
Kroos Manfred Moritz
Rambert Clara Emilia
Felda Marlene Donner
Ellard Liesel Bergen
Emmet Hahn Wolfgang
Dresden Elsbeth Zenzi

Irish Dog Names

Irish Dog Names

The Irish are known for their happy go lucky nature, and have some really awesome names. Here is our list of Irish dog names.

Flannery Conan Murphy
Gallagher Kieran Liam
Finn Donovan Paddy
Shamrock Clover Lucky
Bailey Whiskey Puca
Limerick Galway Cormac
Finley Conner Eamon
Niall Seamus Sheena
Breanna Tierney Eileen
Sinead Logan Declan
Madigan Rogan Willow
Apple Pickles Goldie
Loki Brayden Cian
Davey Duff Doyle
Griffin Grady Mcdougal
Bidelia Cordelia Emlyn
Fiona Kylee Madigan
Nessa Rosie Rylee
Tara Felton Peyton

Big Dog Names

Big Dog Names

If you dog is a breed like a Great Dane, Newfoundland, English Mastiff, then a big dog name might be what you are looking for. Some of our favorite large dog names are Sampson, Moose & Biggie Smalls.

BansheeDaisy DukeElectra
BarnieBiggie SmallsDogzilla
Mister BigPeeweeMissy Big

Small Dog Names

Small dogs might be lacking in physical size, but they tend to make up for it with heart and fiestiness. Here is our list of names for little dogs. Our top picks are Pluto, Morsel and Tadpole.

SweetieShrimpTic Tac

How To Teach A Puppy Its Name

Now that you have chosen a name for your dog, its time to teach them this name. Check out this great video guide on teaching a dog its name.